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A 30-day supply of the super supplement. Engineered with precision to optimise your health, you can look and feel your best. MitoTaur’s powerful and precise ingredients have several anti-ageing benefits, including:

  • Protecting brain decline
  • Protection of Mitochondria
  • Reducing insulin resistance
  • Ensuring cell membrane stability
  • Promoting a more youthful immune system
  • Improving muscle strength and endurance
  • Regulating calcium levels within cells
  • Suppressing age-associated weight gain and increasing energy expenditure

MitoTaur is a supplement that contains methylene blue, taurine, and PQQ that helps with mitochondrial health. Mitochondrial dysfunction affects how your organs function. It can cause the following complications: 1. Increased risk of infection. 2. Strokes. 3. Pancreatic failure. 4. Parathyroid failure. 5. Diabetes. 6. Liver failure. 7. Cardiomyopathy. 8. Kidney disease. 9. Dementia. 10. Gastrointestinal conditions. 11. Drooping eyelid (ptosis).1

Mitochondrial dysfunction occurs when mitochondria don’t work as well as they should due to another disease or condition 1. Mitochondria are responsible for producing energy in cells, and when they don’t function properly, it can lead to a variety of symptoms. Mitochondrial diseases are a group of genetic conditions that affect how mitochondria in your cells produce energy. Mitochondrial diseases can affect almost any part of your body, including the cells of your brain, nerves, muscles, kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, ears, and pancreas 1.

See one of the benefits below:

(for information purposes only)

1960: Cars guzzle fuel at some 10 miles per gallon.
2024: Cars can do almost 100 miles per gallon.


The difference?

Efficient Engines!


The human body is no different. Your efficiency is in your body cells, in a place called the mitochondria. Your mitochondrial health determines how fast you age – even your longevity.

“Boost Your Mitochondrial Health”


… Metabolic Dysfunction¹

Metabolic dysfunction is due to mitochondria problems. Every disease or weakness of the body results from the inability to use energy to function properly. Then …

Your skin starts thinning, sagging, and wrinkling. Healing slows down and you experience more bruising. Blood flow in the brain may decrease. Blood pressure rises, higher risk of diabetes for women, heart muscles start hardening, bones start shrinking in size and density… the symptoms of ageing!

Without appropriate changes, the situation gets worse, you start getting blood clots, constant fatigue, constant brain fog, deterioration in memory, macular degeneration or cataracts, increased risk of frailty, and an increased risk of being on lots of disease medicines.

MitoTaur can help relieve and ease the troubles of ageing. It combines three molecules in an exact ratio to achieve this. Too little will not achieve any result and too much will achieve the reverse effect. MitoTaur is supremely precise!


A Unique Blue Molecule

It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines². Science-backed and well-documented.4 Methylene blue it is.

Health is a relationship between you and your body. Your health influences your energy level, sleep quality, and mental well-being. MitoTaur is a blue supplement that boosts your health.

It contains methylene blue, which is anti-malaria, protects from carbon monoxide poisoning, is a unique antioxidant, boosts oxygen in the body, protects against brain fog, prevents memory loss, keeps wrinkles away, helps heal skin problems, stops glycation (which makes age faster), promotes cellular energy, and many more!


MitoTaur is Your Friend

SUPER Antioxidant PQQ: “10 TIMES More POTENT Than Resveratrol” – Dr David Sinclair, anti-ageing expert.³

Supercharge: to make an engine more powerful by pushing in more air and fuel than usual. To make something more powerful or impressive. MitoTaur boosts and balances your mitochondria for energy. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Youthfulness Happens Deep in Your Cells. Start living a youthful life.

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